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Numero® features

  • Significantly boosts mental maths ability when played regularly.
  • A focused Numero® program can assist with achieving better results in mental computation testing.
  • Adaptable for any ability and suitable for ages 3 to adult.
  • A fun educational activity for the whole family.
  • Increases children’s confidence in the classroom.
  • Encourages tactical thinking and thinking ‘outside the box’.
  • Complements any numeracy program.

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Our Sponsors & Supporters (including links to their websites)

Numero® has always been thought of as a game that was created by a ‘family man’ and is now back home as a ‘family company’.  In the same way, IETPL and Numero® see all its sponsors and supporters as an extension of ‘our family!’  It is therefore extremely important that we share these people with others. You will notice that we prefer to be affiliated with companies that are either family run entities, or have started out that way and still have a family oriented ethos!

  • Alzheimer’s WA (AWA) is the owner of our wonderful game of Numero®, using the royalties from all sales to assist in their invaluable work for Alzheimer’s sufferers in Australia and elsewhere.
  • Independent Education & Training Pty Ltd (IETPL) is the proud publisher and distributor of Numero® and is owned by Julie Richards, the daughter of the creator of Numero®, Frank Drysdale.
  • Ziggies Educational Supplies (Ziggies) is our major Australian distributor (predominantly for WA) and we are thrilled to work with another independent WA business.
  • Maths Association of WA (MAWA) is one of newest partners. We are proud to now be affiliated with MAWA to improve maths education in Western Australia.
  • Australian Finance Group (AFG) has been a wonderful supporter of Numero® for 12 years in sponsoring our AFG Interschool Numero Challenge (Primary).
  • Edwina Forward Engraving (EFE) is a local family business, and has provided all the trophies for both our primary and secondary competitions for the last 21 years!
  • Bedrock Books Educational Supplies (Bedrock) is the newest ‘family’ company to join the extended Numero® family. They are now our sole distributor in Queensland.
  • Education Station – Canada is our first true international distributor of Numero®. Welcome aboard! Thanks to Diane Shaw and her staff for expanding into Numero®.

Please click on the links to these companies and support those that support Numero®.

Alzheimers WA
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