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Dr Paul Swan, Maths Specialist

“I met Frank Drysdale, the inventor of Numero®, some 25 years ago. I was impressed by both the simplicity and the complexity of the game. Using the same deck of cards, children in the one class could be working on addition and subtractions, others on all four operations, while still others on fractions and decimals or squares and square roots. That is true differentiation!

Now, so many years later, Numero® has stood the test of time, with hundreds of thousands of children having played and benefited from playing Numero® on a regular basis. Numero® has even been the subject of a university study and numerous articles, videos and competitions (newspaper and teams).

What makes this story even more amazing is that Frank had early onset Alzheimer’s disease and designed the game to be played with his grandchildren. Profits from the game still flow to Alzheimer’s WA.

I was honoured when asked to write this endorsement, and I was pleased to hear that Julie Richards (Frank’s daughter) is continuing to teach and promote Numero®. Julie is an accomplished teacher in her own right, but she has a special affinity for Numero®. I hope to be asked to write another review when Numero® is still going strong at 50!”

Dr Paul Swan, PhD.

Mr Steve Watts, Deputy Principal, Manning Primary School

“Numero® is a mathematics game in its purest sense.  It teaches speed of operations and is directly applicable to improving student results across all areas of maths. It is easy to forget, in this creative curriculum, the importance of speed and efficiency, but it does play an important role.

I find that with my enrichment class, who also double as the Numero® group, that their processing skills have greatly improved since playing the game.

I believe my students’ favourite element of the game is the progression of skills and how sometimes abstract notions of mixed numerals, etc, can have a practical application.  I have to admit, it did make some of my fractions and indices lessons more relevant.  When the competitive nature of students comes to the fore, they certainly are more motivated.  On a side note, it is nice to see maths students being recognised as ambassadors of their school when they represent at interschool competitions.”

Ms Margaret Young, Retired Teacher

“I was very honoured to be asked to endorse Numero®. My association with Numero® goes back around 15 years when my class was involved in Doctorate research involving mental maths. This research clearly showed that quick sessions of play over a 6 month period showed a very clearly marked improvement in skills.

On moving to Excelsior Primary School as a foundation member, Numero® was introduced. As it grew in popularity it became a whole school initiative. The effect was amazing as we entered the Numero® interschool competition.  At times, 40 to 50 children would be trying out for a position on the development squad and young children would follow me across the playground telling me how much they loved Numero® and wanted to play for us in the squad. The positive attitude towards maths was obvious.

Excelsior PS went onto a 5 year reign as state champions. This was due partly to the willingness of teachers to introduce the game with age and ability appropriate level cards, which could be tailored for individual groups in the same class, and the keenness and dedication of children who played in class, and who used the four operations, fractions, indices and so on mentally, and with great fluency.

Although I have now retired, I still hope to be involved with promoting Numero® whenever I get the opportunity.

Ms Margaret Young, B.Ed

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